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42-2914.  Examination of lands — Report of commissioners — Apportionment and reapportionment of benefits and damages. As soon as may be after their appointment, or within such time as the court may direct, the commissioners shall examine the lands described in the petition and proposed to be drained and protected, and the lands over and upon which the work is proposed to be constructed and shall determine and report:
1.  Whether the starting point, route and terminus of the proposed work and the proposed location thereof, is or are in all respects proper and feasible, and if not, what is or are so.
2.  The estimated cost of the proposed work, including all incidental expenses and the cost of proceedings therefor.
3.  The probable cost of keeping the same in repair after the work is completed.
4.  What lands will be injured thereby and the aggregate amount of such injuries; and they shall award to each tract or lot, by whomsoever held, the amount of damage so determined by them.
5.  What lands will be benefited by the construction of the proposed work, whether the benefits will equal or exceed the aggregate cost of constructing such work, including all incidental expenses, costs of proceedings and damages; and they shall apportion and assess the estimated cost of the same on the lands so benefited by setting opposite the correct description of each tract, lot or easement, the portion of such cost assessed as benefits thereon. And if any particular part of the work so proposed to be done shall be assessed upon any particular tracts or lots of land or upon any municipality or corporation they shall so specify; and if any municipality or corporation should in their judgment bear a part of the expense or as such will derive a public or special benefit from the whole or any part of such proposed work, they shall so report and assess the amount of such benefits.
6.  Whether the proposed district, as set out in the petition filed, will embrace all the lands that may be damaged or benefited by the proposed work, and if not, what additional lands will be benefited or damaged and the amount of the benefits or damages in the same manner as though such lands were included in such original petition.
7.  If the commissioners determine the lands benefited or the amount of said benefits has either changed or is in error, the commissioners may petition the court to reapportion the benefits to part or all of the lands within the district. Upon receipt of a petition, the court shall make and enter an order fixing a time and place when and where all persons interested may appear and object to the reapportionment of benefits, and the clerk of the court shall cause publication of the order in three (3) consecutive weekly issues in a newspaper of general circulation within each county in which any of the lands for which reapportionment of benefits is sought are located. Any landowner affected by the reapportionment of benefits may object against the whole or any part of the reapportionment pursuant to the provisions of section 42-2920, Idaho Code. Upon a hearing pursuant to the provisions of section 42-2921, Idaho Code, the court shall issue an order setting forth the reapportionment of benefits, if any.

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