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42-2943.  Change of plans — Procedure in district court. In case any substantial changes in said system of improvement, or the manner and construction thereof, shall be deemed necessary by said board of commissioners at any time during the progress thereof, and the written consent to such changes cannot be procured from said landowners, then said commissioners for and on behalf of said district, shall file a petition in the district court of the county within which said district is located, setting forth therein the changes which they deem necessary to be made in the plans or manner of the construction of said improvement, and praying therein to be permitted to make such changes.
Upon the filing of said petition the court shall cause a summons to be served, setting forth the prayer of said petition under the seal of the said court, which summons shall be served in the same manner as the service of summons in the case of the original petition, upon all the landowners or other persons having any lien or interest therein appearing of record in said district.
Any or all of said parties so served may appear in said cause and submit their objections thereto and after the time for the appearance of all said parties has expired, the court shall proceed to hear said petition at once, and if it appears during the course of said proceedings that the property rights of any of said landowners will be affected by such proposed change in said improvements, then the court, after having passed upon all preliminary questions as in the original proceedings, may call a jury to be impaneled in the manner provided by the Code of Civil Procedure, and upon the final hearing of said case the jury shall return a verdict finding the amount of damages, if any, sustained by all persons and corporations, the same as upon the original petition by reason of such proposed change, and the amount of compensation to be paid to any persons or corporation therefor, and for any additional right of way that may be necessary to be appropriated.

[(42-2943) 1913, ch. 16, part of sec. 19, p. 58; compiled and reen. C.L. 168:40; C.S., sec. 4534; I.C.A., sec. 41-2543.]

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