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42-2945.  Connections by private drains — Costs. Any person or corporation owning land within said district shall have a right to connect any private drains or ditches for the proper drainage of such land with said system, and in case any person or corporation shall desire to drain such lands into said system, and shall find it necessary, in order to do so, to procure the right of way over the land of another, or others, and if consent thereto cannot be procured from such person or persons, then such landowner may present in writing a request to the board of commissioners of said district, setting forth therein the necessity of being able to connect his private drainage with said system, and pray therein that said system be extended to such point as he may designate in said writing, and immediately thereon said board of commissioners shall cause a petition to be filed in the district court for and in the name of said drainage district, requesting, in said petition, that said system be extended as requested, setting forth therein the necessity thereof and praying that leave be granted by the board to extend the system in accordance with the prayer of said petition, and the proceedings in such case, upon the presentation of such petition and the hearing thereof shall be, in all matters, the same as in the hearing and presentation of the original petition, for the establishment of the original system of drainage in said district, as far as applicable.
The costs in such proceedings shall be paid from the assessment of benefits to be made on the lands of the person or persons benefited by such extension, and the assessment and compensation for the right of way, damages and benefits and payment of damages and compensation, and the collection of the assessments for benefits shall be the same as in the proceedings under the original petition, and the construction of the said extension shall be made under the same provisions as the construction of the original improvement; and all things that may be done or performed in connection therewith shall be, as near as may be applicable, in accordance with the provisions already set forth herein for the establishment and construction of said original improvement: provided, that such petitioner or petitioners shall, at the time of filing such petition by said drainage commissioners, enter into a good and sufficient bond to said drainage district, in the full penal sum of $500, with two (2) or more sureties to be approved by the court, conditioned for the payment of all costs in case the prayer of said petitioner shall not be granted, which bond shall be filed in said court.

[(42-2945) 1913, ch. 16, sec. 21, p. 58; reen. C.L. 168:42; C.S., sec. 4536; I.C.A., sec. 41-2545.]

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