Idaho Statutes

42-2949.  Payments of claims — Option for deposit and disbursement of funds — Issuance of checks or warrants — Investment of funds . (1) The board of commissioners may issue warrants of such district, in payment of claims of indebtedness against such district; such warrants shall be in form and substance the same as county warrants, or as near the same as may be practicable and shall draw the legal rate of interest from the date of their presentation to the treasurer for payment, as hereinafter provided, and shall be signed by the chairman and attested by the secretary of said board: provided, that no warrants shall be issued by said board of commissioners in payment of any indebtedness of such district for less than face or par value.
(2)  The board of commissioners may, in the alternative and as an option to subsection (1) of this section, elect by resolution to receive moneys due the district from the levy of taxes, assessments and other sources, to provide for the safekeeping and deposit of such moneys in accordance with the provisions of chapter 1, title 57, Idaho Code, and to pay all claims of indebtedness of the district allowed and approved by either warrant or check. If a drainage district elects this option, a certified copy of said resolution shall be served upon the board of county commissioners, the county auditor and the county treasurer. Upon allowance of claims by the board of commissioners, payment may be ordered by warrant or check signed by the chairman and the secretary. The secretary may be directed by resolution or order of the board to invest surplus funds in accordance with and subject to the provisions of chapter 1, title 57, Idaho Code, and section 50-1013, Idaho Code. The board of commissioners shall cause to be kept an accurate account of all moneys received, the sources from whence received, all moneys expended and the purposes to which applied.

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