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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-3127.  Exclusion of a division. The qualified electors residing in a division of a flood control district may petition the director of the department of water resources requesting to be excluded from a district. Said petition must be signed by one-third (1/3) or more of the qualified electors residing within the territory of the division and the petition must:
(1)  Show that the division either plans to join another existing district or form a new district.
(2)  Describe the impacts on the remainder of the district after the division is excluded.
(3)  Describe the benefits to the division that will result from its exclusion from the original district.
(4)  Be in proper form as required by section 42-3105, Idaho Code, to proceed with the formation of a new district or be in proper form as required by section 42-3120, Idaho Code, to proceed with the addition of the division to an already existing district.
(5)  Present an equitable division of assets and liabilities between the division and the remaining district.
Upon receipt, the director shall examine the petition, and if in proper form and if it appears that an equitable distribution of assets and liabilities can be made, the director shall proceed with the publication of notice, as described in section 42-3107, Idaho Code. The director shall, at the hearing, permit any person or corporation interested in the exclusion of the division to appear and present testimony and evidence in support of or against exclusion of the division. The director shall base his findings upon allegations in the petition, testimony and evidence presented at the hearing and any other facts necessary for the determination of the practicability and feasibility of exclusion of the division.
If the director shall recommend that a division should be excluded, he shall make and enter his findings in the form of a petition to the district court for the county in which the largest portion of the division is located. The district court may then order the exclusion of a division.
If the director shall determine that a division should not be excluded, nothing further shall be done, unless a new petition is filed in a similar manner as described above.
At such time as the division is excluded by the district court, the new district or enlargement of an existing district shall be ordered by the director in accordance with section 42-3108, Idaho Code.
The director may redivide the district from which the division was excluded in order to meet the requirements of section 42-3106, Idaho Code.

[42-3127, added 1984, ch. 240, sec. 1, p. 586.]

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