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42-3706.  Election of district directors. After the date of issuance of the secretary of state of a certificate of organization of a watershed improvement district nominating petitions may be filed with the state soil and water conservation commission to nominate candidates for directors of such district. The state soil and water conservation commission shall give notice of an election to be held, subject to the provisions of section 34-106, Idaho Code, for the election of two (2) directors for the district. The names of all nominees on behalf of whom such nominating petitions have been filed in the manner provided in section 34-1404, Idaho Code, shall appear arranged in the alphabetical order of the surnames upon ballots with a square before each name, and direction to insert an X mark in the square before any two (2) names to designate the voter’s preference. All qualified electors who own land or reside within the proposed district shall be eligible to vote in said election. The two (2) candidates who shall receive the largest number respectively of the votes cast in such election shall be elected for such district. The state soil and water conservation commission shall pay all the expenses of such election, supervise the conduct thereof, and publish the results thereof in accordance with the provisions of chapter 14, title 34, Idaho Code. All elections in existing districts following the first election shall be conducted by the district directors of the district involved who shall give notice of such elections and who shall bear the cost thereof.
In any election for director, if after the deadline for filing a declaration of intent as a write-in candidate, it appears that the number of qualified candidates who have been nominated for director positions is equal to the number of directors to be elected, it shall not be necessary for the candidates to stand for election, and the board of directors shall declare such candidates elected as directors, and the secretary of the district shall immediately make and deliver to such persons certificates of election.

[42-3706, added 1957, ch. 226, sec. 6, p. 508; am. 1995, ch. 118, sec. 73, p. 489; am. 2010, ch. 279, sec. 30, p. 753.]

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