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42-3710.  Hearing on proposed projects. Not sooner than sixty (60) days after the submission of the plans for any project to the director of the department of water resources as set forth in section 42-3709, [Idaho Code,] and before any contract shall be let or work begun upon any improvement or project within the district the cost of which cannot be exclusively financed by funds on hand, grants in aid, or gifts to the district, or before any contract may be entered into by the district with any governmental agency or body which will obligate the district to contribute financially beyond the extent of funds of the district then on hand, it shall be the duty of the directors to set a time and place within the district for a public hearing upon said proposal, and the directors shall cause a notice thereof to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the district not less than three (3) times, at least ten (10) days before the date set for the hearing, and in addition thereto shall post a copy of said notice in at least one (1) public place within the district.
At the time and place fixed for such hearing any owner of land situated within the district, or any other interested person, may appear and be heard as to his objections to the said proposal.
Following the said public hearing the directors shall, by resolution, either affirm the proposal with or without modification or amendments, or disapprove the proposal stating therein their findings as to the economic feasibility of the proposed improvement or project, the probable cost of said improvement or project, the benefits to be derived therefrom, and whether or not the benefits accruing to lands within the district would exceed the cost of such improvement or project, whether the benefits will be conferred upon all lands within the district or upon only certain lands in the district, in which latter case the lands to be benefited shall be described as to boundaries, ownership, and approximate acreage, and the proposed method of financing such improvement or project.

[42-3710, added 1957, ch. 226, sec. 10, p. 508.]

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