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42-3904.  Application for permit — Owner — Operator responsible — Notice of construction form. (1) The owner or operator shall make application to the director of the department of water resources for a permit as provided in this chapter. When a facility is owned by one (1) person but operated by another, it shall be the operator’s duty to obtain a permit. Such application shall be upon forms furnished by the director which shall require information concerning the location and description of the injection well, the quantity, quality, and nature of the material being or proposed to be injected, the description of the underground formation and aquifer into which the material is proposed to be or is being injected, the availability of alternative sources of disposal, and such other information as will enable the director to determine the effect of injection upon the quality of the ground water, the effect upon the beneficial uses of said ground water, the effect upon the public health and the effect upon public benefits derived therefrom, if any. Such application shall be submitted complete with fees as provided in this chapter. Mine shafts used for the disposal of wastes resulting from the mining and concentration process shall be exempt from the permit requirements of this chapter until an inventory and assessment of the contamination potential posed by such operation is completed.
(2)  Owners of new shallow injection wells drilled after July 1, 1997, shall submit a notice of construction form to the department of water resources no later than thirty (30) days prior to commencement of construction for each new well. The notice of construction form shall be submitted with the fee as provided in this chapter on a form provided by the department of water resources.

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