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42-3910.  Cancellation of permit — Notice — Hearing — Review. When the director of the department of water resources has reason to believe the operation and use of an injection well, for which a permit has been issued in accordance with this chapter, is interfering with the right of the public to withdraw water for beneficial uses, or is causing unreasonable contamination or deterioration of the quality of the ground water below the adopted water quality standards of the board of environmental quality, he may cancel such permit. Prior to the cancellation of such permit there shall be a hearing before the water resource board for the purpose of determining whether or not the permit should be cancelled. At such hearing the director of the department of water resources shall be the complaining party. For purposes of such hearing, the board shall have power to administer oaths, examine witnesses and issue subpoenas requiring testimony of witnesses and production of evidence relevant to any matter in the hearing. The hearing shall be conducted in accordance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, and the board shall provide the owner or operator whose permit is proposed to be cancelled with reasonable notice and the opportunity to be heard in accordance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code. A certified transcript of the proceedings and the evidence received at such hearing shall be maintained by the board. The board shall affirm, modify or reject the director’s decision, and make its decision in the form of an order to the director. Review of a final determination by the board may be secured by the owner or operator by filing a petition for review as prescribed by chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, in the district court of the county wherein the injection well is situated. The petition for review shall be served upon the chairman of the water resource board and upon the attorney general as provided by the Idaho rules of civil procedure.

[42-3910, added 1971, ch. 301, sec. 10, p. 1235; am. 1974, ch. 20, sec. 45, p. 533; am. 1984, ch. 155, sec. 11, p. 377; am. 2001, ch. 103, sec. 85, p. 327.]

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