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42-909.  Manager of distributing lateral — Appointment by district watermaster — By directors of irrigation district — Payment of compensation. If two (2) or more parties taking water from any main ditch, canal or reservoir at the same point to be conveyed to their respective premises for any distance, through the same lateral or distributing ditch, do not select a manager for said lateral, as provided in section 42-907[, Idaho Code,] or section 42-908, [Idaho Code,] the watermaster of the water district, shall on the written demand of any one or more of said parties, appoint a manager for said lateral, who shall have and exercise all the powers and perform all of the duties of a manager of the distributing lateral as provided in section 42-910[, Idaho Code]: provided, that if an irrigation district is owner of the main ditch, canal or reservoir, then the board of directors of such district shall, upon such demand, make such appointment.
The compensation of said manager shall be fixed by said watermaster, and shall be paid in the manner provided by section 42-910[, Idaho Code,] for the payment of expenses incurred by him. If not paid, it may be collected, with other damages in the action provided by said section: provided, that if an irrigation district is the owner of the main ditch, canal or reservoir, the board of directors of such district shall fix the compensation of said manager; and at the end of the irrigation season upon the request of such manager the secretary of such district shall prorate the amount of such compensation among the several parties taking water through such lateral, or distributing ditch upon the basis of the number of acres irrigated by each, and mail each a statement of the amount prorated to such party, requesting that remittance be made to such secretary for and on behalf of such manager. In the event such parties or either of them, not later than the date when irrigation district assessments are delinquent, remit to such secretary, he shall, upon receiving same, and without making any entry in his books of account, deliver it to such manager. Should such parties or either of them fail or refuse at such time to remit to said secretary, then such manager may collect as hereinbefore provided.

[(42-909) C.S., sec. 5633-A, as added by 1925, ch. 99, sec. 1, p. 144; am. 1929, ch. 45, sec. 1, p. 57; am. 1931, ch. 62, sec. 1, p. 105; I.C.A., sec. 41-809.]

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