Idaho Statutes

43-1301.  Petition. Whenever twenty-five (25) or a majority of the landowners in any irrigation district heretofore organized or hereafter to be organized so desire they may petition the board of directors to call a special election for the purpose of submitting to the qualified electors of such irrigation district a proposal to vote on the modification of such district by the exclusion of land within its boundaries or a proposal to vote on the dissolution of such district, or for the sale or transfer of its water rights, canal system and all or any other property or for dissolution and for sale or transfer, as the case may be. Such petition shall set forth the reasons for such proposal and in case it is proposed to modify said district by the exclusion of lands therein shall set forth particularly the land to be excluded and the reasons therefor. Such petition for modification or dissolution of the district or for such sale or transfer either shall state that all outstanding bonds, warrants and other obligations of every nature whatsoever, legal and enforceable, against said district have been fully satisfied and paid or shall set forth facts showing reasonable ground for the belief that the consent of the holders of all outstanding bonds, warrants and other obligations of the district, legal and enforceable, can be obtained, or that the district is able to satisfy all those not consenting.

[(43-1301) R.C., sec. 2437a, as added by 1917, ch. 167, sec. 1, part of subd. 2437a; am. 1919, ch. 36, sec. 1, p. 132; C.S., sec. 4428; I.C.A., sec. 42-1301.]

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