Idaho Statutes

43-1306.  Petition for confirmation by district court. Immediately after such election, in case the proposal has carried by a majority vote, the board of directors of the irrigation district shall file in the district court of the county in which their office is situated a petition praying in effect that the proceedings aforesaid for the modification or dissolution of the district, or for the sale or transfer of its properties, as the case may be, may be examined, approved and confirmed by the court. The petition shall set forth a full description of the land formerly embraced within said irrigation district which is affected by the proceedings for the modification or dissolution of such district, or of the property and rights proposed to be sold or transferred, as the case may be, shall set forth generally the proceedings taken with reference to the petition and the election specified in the preceding sections of this chapter, and shall set forth fully every item of legal and enforceable indebtedness of the district with the name and residence of the holder thereof so far as known to the secretary of the district. In case any items of indebtedness are in the hands of unknown owners, they shall be so listed.

[(43-1306) R.C., sec. 2437d, as added by 1917, ch. 167, sec. 1, part of subd. 2437d, p. 498; reen. C.L., sec. 2437f; am. 1919, ch. 36, sec. 5, p. 132; C.S., sec. 4433; I.C.A., sec. 42-1306.]

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