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43-1307.  Character of proceedings for confirmation. Said proceedings shall be in the nature of a suit to quiet title with respect to so much of the land within said district as is affected by the proposal to modify or dissolve the same. And the decree of the court approving a sale or transfer shall be full and complete authority for carrying out the same and such decree shall further set forth the basis and terms of sale or transfer and the basis of participation by the owners in said district in such sale or transfer. In such proceedings the board of directors shall be the parties plaintiff and the holders of any obligations of the district, including obligations which are or might become liens against any of said lands, are parties defendant. The provisions of sections 6658, 6659 and 6660 of Idaho Compiled Statutes [Sections 5-325, 5-326 Idaho Code], so far as they can be made applicable, shall govern generally the pleadings, summons, proceedings and force and effect of the decree: provided, that the petition may be in form against all persons having interest in or claim against the district, without naming them, and the summons, directed in same way, and setting forth briefly the purposes of the petition, shall be by publication in the first instance or order of the court or a judge thereof and service on all parties interested, whether unknown owners, heirs, devisees, claimants or otherwise, shall be deemed complete at the time prescribed by the order for publication; and, unless answer be made by any one interested in or making claim against said district, within twenty (20) days after such last day of publication, default may be entered.

[(43-1307) R.C., sec. 2437d, as added by 1917, ch. 167, sec. 1, part of subd. 2437d, p. 499; reen. C.L., sec. 2437g; am. 1919, ch. 36, sec. 6, p. 132; C.S., sec. 4434; I.C.A., sec. 42-1307.]

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