Idaho Statutes

43-1404.  Procedure upon affirmative vote. If it appears that a majority of all the votes cast in each of said districts is "Consolidation–yes," said board shall make an order, and enter the same of record in its minutes, establishing said consolidated district, giving its boundaries and designation, and in detail the terms under which the consolidation has been effected, and dividing said consolidated district into three (3) divisions, and shall appoint some person qualified under this title, to act as director for each of said divisions of said district until the next general election for the election of directors, when a board of directors shall be elected as provided in section 43-201, Idaho Code: provided, however, that the organization of such district shall not take effect until the first Tuesday of the January following said order of its establishment. If the date provided by law for the election of directors shall come between the date of said order of the board of county commissioners and said first Tuesday of January, then in making such order said board shall designate the board of directors of one (1) of the consolidated districts as a board to take charge of said election, and a director shall in that case be elected for each said division of said consolidated district, and in that case no appointment of directors shall be made by said board of county commissioners.

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