Idaho Statutes

43-1505.  Irrigation lateral districts. For the purpose of constructing, operating, and managing water in distributing systems by means of laterals, sublaterals, ditches, flumes, and pipe lines, an irrigation lateral district may be organized and created within the territory already organized as an irrigation district, in the same manner and by the same process required by the provisions of this title, for the creation of an irrigation district from unorganized territory, and such interior irrigation lateral district, when organized shall through its board of directors, other officers and employees have all necessary powers for the purpose of its creation conferred by this title upon the original irrigation district, including the power to issue, negotiate and sell bonds payable and secured as is in this title provided; to build and construct new works and to levy assessments and taxes necessary for the purpose of conducting its affairs in the same manner and by the same process as are by this title provided in the case of irrigation districts; provided, however, it is distinctly understood that the negotiation and sale of coupons bonds and levying of assessments and taxes and incurring of debts and obligations by any such irrigation lateral district shall not in any way or manner affect any of the bonds, assessments, taxes, or obligations of the irrigation district of which it is a part and shall not in any way or manner limit the power of such original irrigation district to incur the indebtedness, levying of assessments and issue its bonds for any of the purposes for which such district is by this title entitled to levy or issue the same.

[(43-1505) C.S., sec. 4446A, as added by 1925, ch. 50, sec. 1, p. 74; I.C.A., sec. 42-1505.]

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