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43-206.  Notice of election — Appointment of judges. (1) The secretary of the district shall give notice of all elections in said district subsequent to the organization thereof, by posting the same in three (3) public places in each such precinct and in the office of said board, at least four (4) weeks before the day of such election, or by publication of the same once a week for two (2) successive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation within said district. If notice be given by publication in a weekly newspaper, the same shall be published in two (2) successive issues thereof, or, if in a daily newspaper, at least six (6) days shall elapse between the first and last dates of publication, and, in either case, publication shall be completed not less than fifteen (15) days before such election. Notices shall state the time of said election and the polling place for each precinct and the director to be elected or other question to be voted upon, as the case may be. At least ten (10) days before the holding of any such election, the board of directors shall appoint three (3) electors of each precinct to serve as judges of election for such precinct, and such judges shall constitute a board of election for such precinct.
(2)  A polling place for a precinct need not be located in the precinct, but shall be located within the district. Polling places for two (2) or more precincts may be combined at one (1) location, as long as the physical arrangements of the polling place are sufficient to guarantee all voters the right to cast a secret ballot. Any combined polling place thus created shall be no farther than ten (10) miles outside of the precinct which is losing its polling place. In cases of combined polling places, the board of directors shall name one (1) elector from each of the combined precincts to serve as judges of election for that polling place.
(3)  Notwithstanding other provisions of this section, irrigation districts comprising fifteen thousand (15,000) or fewer irrigated acres within their boundary may, upon resolution of the board of directors, combine all precincts into one (1) polling place. In cases where such a district resolves to combine precincts into a single polling place, the polling place shall be the irrigation district office, and the board of directors shall name one (1) elector from each precinct to serve as judges of election at the combined polling place.

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