Idaho Statutes

43-207.  Conduct of election. Said judges shall elect a chairman, who may administer any oath required in the progress of an election, and may appoint additional judges if, during the progress of election, any judges cease to act. Said judges of election shall not appoint clerks of election unless they deem it necessary to have the assistance of clerks in order to accommodate the number of electors who desire to vote. Any member of the board of election, or any clerk thereof, may administer and certify oaths required to be administered during the progress of the election. Before opening the polls, each member of the board of election and each clerk, in case clerks are appointed, must take and subscribe an oath to faithfully perform the duties imposed upon them by law. Any elector of the precinct may administer and certify such oath. The time of opening and closing the polls, the manner of conducting the election, canvassing and announcing the result, the keeping of tally lists, and the making and certifying said result, and the disposition of the ballots after the election, shall be the same as near as may be, as provided for election under the general election laws of the state: provided, that the returns shall be delivered to the secretary of the district, and the election oaths shall be included with such returns; provided further, that by resolution of the board of directors duly entered on the minutes, at any regular meeting, and notice thereof given in the notices of election, any irrigation district may provide for the opening of the polls at 1 o’clock P.M. and closing at 7 P.M.

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