Idaho Statutes

43-210.  Voting and count of ballots. Voting may commence as soon as the polls are open and may continue during all the time the polls remain open, and shall be conducted as nearly as practicable in accordance with the provisions of title 34 of this code relating to elections. As soon as the polls are closed the judges shall open the ballot box and shall commence counting the votes; and in no case shall the ballot box be removed from the room in which the election is held until all the ballots have been counted. The counting of ballots shall in all cases be public. The ballots shall be taken out, one by one by the chairman of the board of election or one (1) of the judges, who shall open them and read aloud the name of each person contained thereon, and the office for which every such person is voted for. Each clerk shall write down each office to be filled, and the name of each person voted for such office, and shall keep the number of votes by tallies as they are read by such chairman or judge. The counting of the votes shall continue without adjournment until all the votes have been counted.

[(43-210) 1903, p. 150, sec. 7; am. R.C. & C.L., sec. 2381; C.S., sec. 4339; I.C.A., sec. 42-210.]

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