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43-321.  Special assessments — Elections — Collection of assessments — Delinquent list. The board of directors may, at any time when in their judgment it may be advisable, call a special election and submit to the qualified electors of the district the question whether or not a special assessment shall be levied for the purpose of raising money to be applied to any of the purposes provided in this title, and shall, at the same time, fix a date upon which such assessment shall become delinquent, which date shall be not less than sixty (60) days nor more than ninety (90) days from the date of said meeting of said board. Such election must be called upon the notice prescribed, and the same shall be held, and the result thereof determined and declared, in all respects in conformity with the provisions of section 43-401[, Idaho Code]. The notice must specify the amount of money proposed to be raised, and the purpose for which it is intended to be used. At such elections the ballots shall contain the words "Assessment …. yes" or "Assessment …. no." If two[-]thirds (2/3) or more of the votes cast are "Assessment …. yes," the board shall immediately levy an assessment sufficient to raise the amount voted.
The assessment so levied shall be computed and entered on the assessment roll by the secretary of the board, and within ten (10) days after such assessment, the secretary must deliver the assessment book to the treasurer of the district who shall, within ten (10) days after receipt of such book, publish a notice in a newspaper published in each county in which any portion of the district may lie, that said assessments are due and payable and will become delinquent at six o’clock p.m. of the day fixed by the board of directors, naming such day and date, and also the times and places at which the payment of the assessment may be made; which notice shall be published for a period of two (2) weeks.
The treasurer must attend at the times and places specified in the notice to receive assessments which must be paid in lawful money of the United States. Within fifteen (15) days after the delinquent date as fixed by the board of directors, said treasurer shall begin the preparation of the delinquent list, which delinquent list shall contain a description of all the tracts of land upon which such special assessments are delinquent, and the amount of such assessment against each of the said tracts, and the name of the owner as shown on the assessment book. And on or before thirty (30) days thereafter, the treasurer shall complete said delinquent list, shall properly certify the same, and prepare a duplicate thereof; and deliver the delinquent list to the secretary of the district. At the same time the treasurer must commence to publish the delinquent list and publication shall continue three (3) weeks and must contain the names of the owners, a description of the property delinquent at that time, the amount of assessments and penalties and the costs due, opposite each name and description. After said publication shall have been made for the first time the treasurer shall collect twenty-five (25) cents in addition to the assessment and penalties on each description of lands published. The treasurer must append and publish with the delinquent list a notice that unless the assessments delinquent, together with penalties and costs, are paid, the real property upon which said assessments are made will be sold at public auction on the first Tuesday in September following date of notice. The publication must be made in some newspaper published in the district, if it can be so published, and if it cannot be so published, then in some newspaper published in the county in which the office of the board of directors is situated; and if it cannot be so published, then by posting in not less than three (3) places in said district, one (1) of which shall be at the door of the office of said board of directors.
The place of such sale shall be at the office of said board of directors. The treasurer, as soon as he has made the publication required, must file with the secretary proof of such publication by affidavit, or like proof of posting in case such notice was posted as herein required. Such sales and all proceedings thereafter shall be in accordance with the provisions of sections 4392 to 4401, both inclusive, or [of] Idaho Compiled Statutes, where not in conflict herewith.
When collected such assessments shall be paid into the district treasury for the purposes provided in the notice of such special election.

[(43-321) 1903, p. 150, sec. 40; reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 2391; C.S., sec. 4354; am. 1921, ch. 234, sec. 1, p. 524; I.C.A., sec. 42-316.]

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