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43-408.  Confirmation of proceedings — Hearing and order. Upon the hearing of such special proceedings, the court shall examine all of the proceedings set up in the petition, and may ratify, approve and confirm said assessment, list, apportionment and distribution, the court shall hear all objections either filed in said proceedings or brought up from the hearing before the board of directors as aforesaid, and for that purpose any person desiring to be heard upon objections overruled by the board of directors, shall state the substance of said objections and the ruling of the board in his answer. The court shall disregard every error, irregularity or omission which does not affect the substantial rights of any party, and if the court shall find that said assessment, list and apportionment are in any substantial matter erroneous or unjust, the same shall not be returned to said board, but the court shall proceed to correct the same so as to conform to this title and the rights of all parties in the premises, and the final order or decree of the court may approve and confirm such proceedings in part, and disapprove other parts of said proceedings; and in case the proceedings for the organization of the district and the issue of bonds are approved, the court shall correct all the errors in the assessment, apportionment and distribution of costs as above provided, and render a final decree approving and confirming all of the said proceedings. In case of the approval of the organization of the district and the disapproval of the proceedings for issuing bonds, the district shall have the right to institute further proceedings for the issue of bonds de novo. The costs of the special proceedings may be allowed and apportioned among the parties thereto in the discretion of the court.

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