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43-603.  Amount — Dates of maturity — Rate of interest. If upon canvassing the vote cast at any election held under the provisions of this chapter it shall be determined by the board of directors that a majority of the legal votes cast upon the question submitted are in favor of refunding, the board of directors shall make such determination a part of the official records of the district, and shall immediately thereafter adopt and make a part of the records of said district a resolution providing for the issue of said refunding bonds in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Such resolution may provide that the refunding bonds so authorized will be issued in one or more series, shall designate the denomination or denominations thereof, fix the date or dates of said refunding bonds, the rate or rates of interest, the maturity date or dates, the place or places, within or without the state of Idaho, for payment of both principal and interest and shall prescribe the form of said refunding bonds. Such refunding bonds shall be negotiable in form, shall recite the title of the act under which they are issued, shall be executed in the name of the district and signed by the president, with the seal of the district affixed thereto, and attested by the secretary. The interest accruing on such refunding bonds shall be evidenced by interest coupons thereto attached, bearing the engraved facsimile signature of the treasurer of the district and when so executed such coupons shall be the binding obligations of the district according to their import. In the adoption of said resolution providing for the issue of such refunding bonds, the directors may, in their discretion, within the limits of the authority granted by the voters at the refunding bond election, make the principal of the debt or of each instalment of the debt, as the case may be, payable in certain specified sums, at certain specified times during the currency of the period (not exceeding forty (40) years) within which the debt or each instalment of the debt, as the case may be, is to be discharged: provided, that the first instalment of the debt evidenced by said refunding bonds shall be payable not more than ten (10) years from the date of said refunding bonds, and the instalments thereafter shall be of such amounts that the total thereof shall equal the aggregate principal indebtedness; and the directors may issue the refunding bonds of the district for the amounts and payable at the times corresponding with such specified sums, together with interest, payable semiannually, as may be set forth and provided by such resolution.

[(43-603) 1915, ch. 142, sec. 3, p. 299; compiled and reen. C.L., sec. 2406i, C.S., sec. 4377; I.C.A., sec. 42-603; am. 1935, ch. 92, sec. 2, p. 173; am. 1970, ch. 133, sec. 11, p. 309.]

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