Idaho Statutes

43-605.  Nonpayment when due. Whenever any coupon or coupons detached from any refunding bonds issued in conformity with the provisions of this chapter are presented for payment on or after the due date or dates thereof, and there shall not be funds available for the payment of such coupon or coupons, the district treasurer shall indorse on the back thereof: "Presented for payment …. (here insert date). Not paid for want of funds," keeping a record of such presentation for payment and such nonpayment; and all coupons so indorsed shall bear interest from that date until paid at the rate specified in the refunding bonds, which interest shall be paid out of the moneys arising from penalties and interest collected upon delinquent assessments for bond interest upon redemption from such delinquent assessments, and, if such moneys so arising shall not be sufficient for such purpose, then the deficiency shall be raised by an increase in the next annual interest levy to be made as provided in section 43-608.

[(43-605) 1915, ch. 142, sec. 5, p. 299; reen. C.L., sec. 2406k; C.S., sec. 4379; am. 1929, ch. 203, sec. 1, p. 398; I.C.A., sec. 42-605.]

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