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43-610.  Refunding bonds — Issuance upon resolution of board. Whenever the board of directors of an irrigation district deems it for the best interests of the district to issue refunding bonds under this chapter without holding an election, a resolution may be adopted by the unanimous vote of the board of directors and made a part of the records of said district, dispensing with the calling and holding of an election as provided by this chapter. Such resolution shall specify the amount, date and maturities and amount of interest due on the bonds to be refunded, the amount and date of the refunding bonds proposed to be issued, whether the same will comprise one or more issues, the denomination or denominations thereof, the rate of interest they shall bear, which shall not exceed the rate of interest provided for in the bonds to be refunded, the place or places within or without the state of Idaho for payment of both principal and interest thereon, and the time or times when the debt evidenced by such refunding bonds shall be paid and such resolution shall prescribe the form of said refunding bonds; provided, that the said time or times of payment shall not extend beyond a date forty (40) years from the date of such issue of such refunding bonds; and provided further, that provisions shall be made by the board of directors for the payment of the principal of such refunding bonds in suitable annual or semi-annual installments commencing such number of years after the date of the bonds as the board of directors may deem best suited to the needs of the district, with semi-annual interest payments throughout the term such bonds shall run, conforming as nearly as may be practicable to the amortization plan, so called, so that the combined payments of principal and interest shall be approximately the same each year in which any of the refunding bonds authorized by said resolution mature. All of the provisions of this chapter, except as herein otherwise specifically provided, shall apply to refunding bonds issued under the provisions of this section.

[(43-610) C.S., sec. 4383A, as added by 1927, ch. 35, sec. 1, p. 47; I.C.A., sec. 42-610; am. 1935, ch. 39, sec. 1, p. 67.]

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