Idaho Statutes

43-614.  Emergency fund — Levy and collection — Disbursement. The board of directors shall provide an emergency fund which may be used for both or either of the following purposes, to-wit: For temporarily supplementing the bond fund in case of deficiencies due to accidents, delinquencies or other contingencies, or for the purpose of protecting any tax title which the district may acquire on account of taxes levied for the payment of such refunding bonds, by paying and discharging any state and county, or other taxes, the lien of which may be prior or superior to the taxes levied by the district. This emergency fund shall consist of a levy of not to exceed fifty cents (50¢) per acre per annum upon each irrigable acre in the district, and shall be at the same rate per acre for all lands; such levy shall be made annually and at the rate of fifty cents (50¢) per acre during the first five (5) years after the issuance of such refunding bonds, and thereafter, whenever the amount in such emergency fund is less than one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per acre for each irrigable acre in the district, the board shall levy an assessment of not to exceed fifty cents (50¢) per acre during any one (1) year. The taxes levied for such emergency fund shall be levied and collected as other taxes and assessments for the payment of the interest and principal of such refunding bonds. All moneys in the emergency fund shall be disbursed by the treasurer of the district upon order of the board of directors.

[43-614, added 1933, ch. 207, sec. 4, p. 418.]

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