Idaho Statutes

43-701A.  Rehabilitation of irrigation works — Levy for preliminary study costs. If the rehabilitation, reconstruction or replacement of irrigation works is determined necessary by the board of directors and a bond issue authorized by section 43-401A, Idaho Code, or other financing arrangement will be required for the project, the board of a district constructing the works or a district which will pay a proportionate share of the cost of the project may include in its assessment levy under section 43-701, Idaho Code, an amount sufficient to obtain surveys, examinations, plans and professional services necessary to determine the cost or feasibility of the project, or obtain its authorization. If other water user organizations contract with the constructing district for payment of a share of the costs of the project, sums expended by the constructing district or others as herein authorized may be included in total project cost; provided that if the monies so assessed and expended by the constructing district or other participating district are repaid, the district may (i) use the money to meet and offset future expenses or assessments of the district, and/or (ii) refund part or all of said money as an adjustment to the original assessment to the present landowners of the district in proportion to the previous assessments from which said money was obtained; provided further that in the event a district is a nonoperating entity, said district may refund part or all as above provided to the irrigation entities that comprise said district in proportion to the previous assessments to landowners within such irrigation entities levied against the lands of said irrigation entities.

[43-701A, as added by 1973, ch. 254, sec. 1, p. 505; am. 1981, ch. 7, sec. 1, p. 14.]

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