Idaho Statutes

43-701D.  Flat rate assessments — Collection by county officers. After any list of tracts has been certified and conformed as provided for in section 43-701C, Idaho Code, the treasurer of the district may notify the appropriate county officers, on or before the third Tuesday of July of each year, of the amount assessed against the tracts identified on each such list, and the amount assessed shall be uniform for all tracts on the same list. After the receipt of any such notification from the treasurer of any irrigation district, the appropriate county officer shall each year enter upon the county assessment roll against the property therein described the levy so made by the board of directors of said district as shown upon the notification furnished to the said county officer as above provided, in manner similar to that in which other municipal, school or highway district assessments are entered by him on said assessment roll, except that the sum assessed and charged against each description of land therein contained for such irrigation district purposes shall be entered by the officer as the operation and maintenance assessment or the drainage assessment of the (name of district) irrigation district against the same. Such district operation and maintenance tax shall be collected and accounted for by the county officers in the same manner as other municipal taxes and paid over to the district treasurer together with any penalties or interest collected thereon, and the collection thereof shall be enforced in the same manner, and neglect to pay the same shall be subject to the same penalties as the other taxes of the county; provided, however, that the collection of such district assessments by such county officers, as herein provided, shall not make the bonds, contracts and interest due from such irrigation districts the obligation of such county or counties.

[43-701D, added 1982, ch. 103, sec. 3, p. 283; am. 1988, ch. 137, sec. 4, p. 247.]

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