Idaho Statutes

43-704.  Levy of assessments. At a regular meeting between August 1 and November 8 of each year the board of directors shall levy an assessment upon the lands in said district upon the basis, and in the proportion, of the list and apportionment of benefits approved by the court as hereinbefore provided, which assessment shall be sufficient to pay principal of and interest on the outstanding bonds of the district as the same fall due. The secretary of the board must compute and enter in a separate column of the assessment book the respective sums, in dollars and cents, to be paid as an assessment on the property therein enumerated. When collected, the assessment shall be paid into the district treasury and shall constitute a special fund to be called "Bond fund of …. irrigation district."
In case any assessment should be made for the purpose contemplated by a bond authorization, it shall be entered in a separate column of the assessment book in the same manner as the bond fund; and when collected shall constitute the "Construction fund of …. irrigation district."

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