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44-1407.  Notice prerequisite to maintenance of action. No action for the recovery of compensation for injuries or death under this chapter shall be maintained unless notice of the time, place and cause of the injury is given to the employer within one hundred and fifty (150) days, and the action is commenced within one (1) year after the occurrence of the accident causing the injury or death. The notice required by this section shall be in writing, and shall be signed by the person injured or by some one in his behalf, but if from physical or mental incapacity it is impossible for the person injured to give notice within the time provided in this section, he may give the same within ten (10) days after such incapacity is removed. In case of his death without having given such notice, his executor or administrator or widow or next of kin may give such notice within sixty (60) days after such death, but no notice under the provisions of this section shall be deemed to be invalid or insufficient solely by reason of any inaccuracy in stating the time, place or cause of the injury, if it be shown that there was no intention to mislead and the party entitled to notice was not in fact misled thereby. The notice required by this section shall be served in the same manner as required of the service of summons in civil actions.

[(44-1407) 1909, p. 34, sec. 5; I.C.A., sec. 43-2007.]

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