Idaho Statutes

44-2502.  Application of chapter — Rehabilitation required — Certificate of compliance. (1) This chapter shall apply to the installation of mobile homes constructed prior to June 15, 1976, within the jurisdiction of a city or county requiring an installation permit pursuant to section 44-2202, Idaho Code.
(2)  Before a permit for the installation of the mobile home may be issued, the home must meet the rehabilitation requirements specified in this chapter and receive a certificate of compliance from the administrator of the division of building safety of the state of Idaho.
(3)  Upon submission of the rehabilitation form required pursuant to section 44-2504, Idaho Code, and any other information required by the administrator to establish compliance with this chapter, the administrator shall issue a certificate of compliance to the homeowner. The certificate of compliance must be presented to the local jurisdiction before a permit for the installation of the home may be issued.
(4)  Upon receipt of the certificate of compliance, the local jurisdiction shall issue the installation permit in the same manner as the permit would be issued with respect to a mobile/manufactured home for which rehabilitation is not required. No zoning or other ordinance or policy of the local jurisdiction prohibiting relocation or installation of a mobile home to which this chapter applies shall be effective to prohibit the relocation or installation of a mobile home for which a certificate of compliance has been issued in accordance with this chapter.

[44-2502, added 1998, ch. 128, sec. 1, p. 479.]

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