Idaho Statutes

45-1511.  Request for copy of notice of default or notice of sale — Marginal recordation thereof. Any person desiring a copy of any notice of default or any notice of sale under a deed of trust, as hereinbefore provided, at any time subsequent to the recordation of such deed of trust and prior to the recording of notice of default thereunder, may cause to be filed for record in the office of the recorder of the county or counties in which any part or parcel of the real property is situated a duly acknowledged request for a copy of any such notice of sale or default showing service upon such trustee. The request shall set forth the name and address of the person requesting copies of such notice or notices and shall identify the deed of trust by stating the names of the parties thereto, the date of recordation and the book and page where the same is recorded and the recorder’s instrument number. The recorder shall immediately enter on the margin of the record of the deed of trust therein referred to that such request is recorded at a certain book and page in the records of his office; no request or any statement therein contained or the record thereof shall affect the title to said property or be deemed notice to any person that any person so recording such request has any right, title or interest in or lien or charge upon the property in the deed of trust referred to therein.

[45-1511, added 1957, ch. 181, sec. 11, p. 345.]

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