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47-1514.  Appeal from final order — Procedure. (a) Any operator dissatisfied with any final order of the board made pursuant to this chapter may, within sixty (60) days after notice of such order, obtain judicial review thereof by appealing to the district court of the state of Idaho for the county wherein the operator resides or has a place of business, or to the district court for the county in which the cyanidation facility or the land or any portions thereof affected by the order is located. Such appeal shall be perfected by filing with the clerk of such court, in duplicate, a notice of appeal, together with a complaint against the board, in duplicate, which shall recite the prior proceedings before the board or hearing officer, and shall state the grounds upon which the petitioner claims he is entitled to relief. A copy of the summons and complaint shall be delivered to the board or such person or persons as the board may designate to receive service of process. The clerk of the court shall immediately forward a copy of the notice of appeal and complaint to the board, which shall forthwith prepare, certify and file in said court, a true copy of any decision, findings of fact, conclusions or order, together with any pleadings upon which the case was heard and submitted to the board or hearing officer, and shall, upon order of the court, provide transcripts of any record, including all exhibits and testimony of any proceedings in said matter before the board or any of its subordinates. Such suit in the district court shall be a trial de novo and shall proceed in all respects like other civil suits, including, but not limited to, the rights of appeal to the supreme court of the state of Idaho.
(b)  When the board finds that justice so requires, it may postpone the effective date of a final order made, pending judicial review. The reviewing court, including the court to which a case may be taken on appeal, may issue all necessary and appropriate orders to postpone the effective date of any final order pending conclusion of the review proceedings.
(c)  Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter concerning administrative or judicial proceedings, whenever the board determines that an operator has not complied with the provisions of this chapter, the board may file a civil action in the district court for the county wherein the violation, or some part thereof, occurs, or in the district court for the county wherein the defendant resides. The board may request the court to issue an appropriate order to remedy the violation. The right of appeal to the supreme court of the state of Idaho shall be available.

[47-1514, added 1971, ch. 206, sec. 14, p. 898; am. 1973, ch. 180, sec. 6, p. 415; am. 2005, ch. 167, sec. 12, p. 525.]

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