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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-203A.  Rules, policies and waiver procedures on disclosure of personal information. (1) The department is authorized to adopt rules in compliance with Idaho’s motor vehicle and driver record disclosure requirements. The rules may include procedures under which the department, upon receiving a request for personal information that is not subject to disclosure as provided in section 49-203, Idaho Code, may mail a copy of such request to each individual who is the subject of the personal information, informing the individual of the request, together with a statement to the effect that disclosure is prohibited and will not be made unless the individual affirmatively elects to waive such individual’s right to privacy in the requested personal information.
(2)  Disclosure of personal information permitted under the provisions of chapter 2, title 49, Idaho Code, shall be subject to payment by the requesting person to the department of all fees for the information required by statute, rule or the terms of any contract with the requesting person, on such terms for payment as may be required or agreed.

[49-203A, added 1997, ch. 80, sec. 9, p. 187.]

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