Idaho Statutes

49-2704.  Other vehicles. The driver of a vehicle that is not part of a funeral procession may not:
(1)  Drive between the vehicles forming a funeral procession while they are in motion except when authorized to do so by a police officer or when driving an authorized emergency vehicle emitting an audible or visible signal;
(2)  Join a funeral procession to secure the right-of-way as granted in section 49-2701, Idaho Code;
(3)  Pass a funeral procession on a multiple lane highway on the procession’s right side unless the funeral procession is in the farthest left lane;
(4)  Enter an intersection, even if the driver is facing a green traffic control signal, when a funeral procession is proceeding through a red traffic control signal at that intersection as permitted under section 49-2701, Idaho Code, unless the driver can do so without crossing the path of the funeral procession. If the red signal changes to green while the funeral procession is within the intersection, the driver of a vehicle facing a green signal may proceed subject to the right-of-way of the vehicles participating in a funeral procession.

[49-2704, added 1992, ch. 311, sec. 1, p. 926.]

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