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49-405.  Radio amateurs — Special license plates. (1) In order to enhance visibility and identification of radio amateurs during times of emergency any radio amateur residing in the state of Idaho, may, upon application to the department, register one (1) motor vehicle per radio license issued by the federal government and receive for that vehicle special license plates in lieu of regular license plates. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any vehicle with a registered maximum gross weight over twenty-six thousand (26,000) pounds. The number on the plates shall be the same combination of figures and letters that make up the radio call sign of the amateur radio operator.
(2)  Proof of holding an amateur license from the federal communications commission must be furnished to the department before the plates will be issued. Should the amateur’s radio license expire during any given year and not be renewed, the special license plates must be surrendered to the department and regular license plates obtained.
(3)  Radio amateurs will notify the department at a time to be set by the department of their intention to procure special license plates under the terms specified in this section. Failure to do so will result in the amateur being required to accept regular license plates should the department be unable to procure the special plates. Special plates may still be procured when available but amateurs will be subject to the usual transfer fee.
(4)  Whenever an amateur transfers or assigns his title or interest to a vehicle especially registered the registration shall expire, but the amateur may hold his special license plates which he may have reissued to him upon the payment of the required transfer fees. He may only display the plates after receipt of new registration from the department.
(5)  In addition to the regular registration fees required in section 49-402(1) or 49-434(1), Idaho Code, the applicant shall pay the plate fee specified in section 49-450, Idaho Code.

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