Idaho Statutes

49-519.  Operation of vehicle without certificate of title — Failure to surrender certificate — Salvage certificate. It shall be unlawful, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, for a person:
(1)  To operate a vehicle for which a certificate of title is required, without the certificate having been obtained in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; or
(2)  To operate a vehicle for which the certificate of title has been cancelled; or
(3)  Not being an enfranchised dealer, or acting upon behalf of such dealer, to acquire, purchase, hold or display for sale a new vehicle without having obtained a certificate of title as provided for in this chapter; or
(4)  To fail to surrender a certificate of title or any certificate of registration or license plate upon cancellation of the same by the department, as provided by this chapter; or
(5)  To fail to surrender the certificate of title to the department in connection with the destruction, dismantling or change of a vehicle in any respect that it is not the vehicle described in the certificate of title; or
(6)  To sign as assignor, or for any person to have in his possession a salvage certificate or certificate of title which has been signed by the owner as assignor, without the name of the assignee and other information required on the form prescribed by the department.
(7)  To violate any of the other provisions of this chapter or any laws, or rules or regulations promulgated pursuant to this title.

[49-519, added 1988, ch. 265, sec. 134, p. 652; am. 1989, ch. 285, sec. 6, p. 706.]

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