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49-523A.  title stop when ownership of vehicle disputed. (1) Whenever a party claims an interest in a vehicle subject to a title, the party may request a title stop be placed upon the title record of the vehicle.
(2)  The request for title stop shall be provided to the department, together with documentation supporting the request and the fee required pursuant to the provisions of section 49-202(2)(i), Idaho Code.
(3)  A verbal request to the department for a title stop may be placed on the title record for up to five (5) business days upon advising the requestor of the requirements and giving the requestor time to send the written request. Failure to send the written request shall terminate the request at the end of the five (5) business days.
(4)  Upon receipt of the request for title stop, the department may place a stop on the title record of the subject vehicle if it appears from the documentation provided that there exists a reasonable dispute as to the ownership of the vehicle.
(5)  Notwithstanding the placement of a stop or the filing of a stop request, the department shall process an application for title accompanied by a properly completed affidavit of repossession, or to record a lien or encumbrance, unless the requestor of the stop has provided the department with a court order restraining the issuance of title. In all other applications for title, the department shall place or maintain a stop and shall notify the title applicant that a stop is in place.
(6)  Once the title stop is placed by the department, the requesting party shall provide evidence of a judicial filing relating to the subject vehicle within thirty (30) days of the title stop becoming effective. Failure to provide such evidence shall result in the department’s cancellation of the title stop.
(a)  Upon receipt of a written request for a title stop and the required fee, the department shall send notice of the title stop to the titled owners and any other party with recorded interest or lienholder recorded on the title records of the department.
(b)  Upon receipt by the department of satisfactory evidence of a judicial filing, the title stop shall remain in place until a final order of the judicial proceeding is received, the requesting party has instructed the department to remove the stop, the requesting party has failed to respond to notice under paragraph (c) of this subsection or for one (1) year, unless renewed by the requestor, whichever comes first.
(c)  Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, if a person files evidence with the department that the person has acquired title to the vehicle for which a title stop has been placed, then the department shall send notice to the original requesting party providing ten (10) business days from the date notice was mailed to object to the release of the title stop. If the department does not receive timely response from the requesting party or if the requesting party instructs the department to remove the stop, then the title stop shall be immediately released.
(7)  During the pendency of the title stop, no title applications for the vehicle to which the stop pertains shall be processed by the department except as otherwise provided in this section.
(8)  Title stops requested by a governmental agency shall be exempt from the provisions of subsection (6) of this section. Such title stop shall be valid for two (2) years, unless renewed by the governmental agency requesting the stop. Governmental agencies shall be exempt from the fee required in section 49-202(2)(i), Idaho Code.
(9)  The provisions of this section shall be effective for any title stop received on and after July 1, 2015.

[49-523A, added 2015, ch. 203, sec. 1, p. 616.]

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