Idaho Statutes

50-1812.  Correction of irregularities upon giving notice — Omissions. If the levy of any assessment or assessments for any year as provided by this section, upon any or all the lands, lots, pieces or parcels of real estate within the boundaries of such irrigation system, shall be discovered to be irregular and void because of any irregularity, informality or error in the assessment books or for any other reason, the said mayor and council of the city may meet and correct such errors upon five (5) days prior notice published in the official newspaper, as provided in sections 50-1801 through 50-1835[, Idaho Code,] and at such meeting correct any error or mistake that may have been found to exist which makes such assessment roll invalid, provided, that no invalidity of such assessment roll may be claimed on account of the omission of the name or the incorrect naming of the owner of any lots, pieces or parcels of real estate so assessed or the omission of lands, lots, pieces or parcels of real estate through error or inadvertence from the assessment roll, but that such omitted lot, piece or parcel of land shall be assessed by the city clerk.

[50-1812, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 367, p. 1249.]

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