Idaho Statutes

50-1819.  Redemption of lands. After delinquency and prior to three (3) years from the date of delinquency, redemption of the lands may be made by paying to the city treasurer an amount equal to the delinquent assessment thereon, plus the penalty of two per cent (2%) thereon, together with interest at the rate of eight per cent (8%) per annum from the date of delinquency entry until paid. Upon redemption the city treasurer shall note the redemption on the delinquency list and shall issue a redemption certificate in triplicate showing the lands redeemed, the year in which the assessment was made, the delinquency entry number, and deliver one (1) copy thereof to the redemptioner and in case the delinquency list including the land being redeemed has been filed with the county recorder he shall file one copy with the county recorder of the county in which the land is located and thereupon the county recorder shall enter the redemption opposite the recording entry in his records of delinquency assessments for which service the county recorder shall be entitled to a fee of 25¢, which fee shall be added to the amount necessary for redemption and paid by the redemptioner and transmitted to the county recorder by the city treasurer.

[50-1819, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 374, p. 1249.]

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