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50-1821.  Notice of pending tax deed. The city treasurer shall publish a notice in the official newspaper of the city to the effect that he will take deed to all of the property upon the delinquency list for the year of delinquency (stating the year of delinquency) for which the city is entitled to take title to the property, but such notice need not give the names or the description of the property mentioned in the delinquency list. Said notice shall be inserted three (3) times at intervals of not less than one (1) week and the first insertion be not more than five (5) months and at the last insertion not less than three (3) months from the time of redemption period expired and the city treasurer shall thereupon, not less than three (3) months nor more than five (5) months before the expiration of the time of redemption, mail a notice of pending tax deed to the person or persons in whose name the land, lots, pieces or parcels of property stands in the recorder’s office of the county in which said land, lot, piece or parcel of property is situated at such owner’s last known place of residence. Said notice shall state when the delinquency entry was made, in whose name the property was assessed, the description of the lands, lots or pieces of real estate for which such delinquency was made, for what year assessed and when the term of redemption will expire. Any mortgagee or holder of a recorded lien upon such real estate or any holder of a bond of any local improvement district within the city may file a request in the office of the city treasurer for a notice similar to the one provided for the person in whose name the title of the real estate stands which said request shall include the name and address of the mortgagee, recorded lienholder or bondholder, the name of the reputed owner of the land, piece or parcel of real estate, the description of the same, the date of the expiration of mortgage or other lien or the maturity of such bonds, and such notice need not be sent after the date of expiration unless a further request therefor be duly filed. If the said mortgagee, lienholder or bondholder shall furnish a duplicate form of request, the treasurer of the city shall certify thereon to the filing of the request and deliver or mail the same to the party filing it. A notation of all such requests shall be inserted in a book by the city treasurer provided for that purpose, and notation of the name of the person and the description of the property and the date of the expiration of the lien shall be inserted in appropriate columns. As a part of the affidavit hereinafter provided, the city treasurer shall insert a certificate of the mailing of such notice, provided, that personal service of any of the notices provided in this section may be had upon the record owner of the property, mortgagee, recorded lienholder or bondholder in lieu of mailing such notice.

[50-1821, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 376, p. 1249.]

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