Idaho Statutes

50-1827.  Payment of state and county taxes by city — Repayment upon redemption — Sale by county for taxes. Such city may pay state and county taxes on any property where the assessments levied hereunder are delinquent and within the boundaries of the city irrigation system, and may purchase any or [of] such property from the county at tax sale and the amount of the taxes paid by the city or the purchase price at tax sale shall be added to and become a part of city’s lien on the property and must be repaid upon payment of delinquent assessments or redemption from tax deed, and when so purchased may be sold by the city in the manner provided for selling property acquired by the city for nonpayment of assessments under this act. When any property has been sold by the county for state and county taxes, the city operating a city irrigation system under this chapter may cancel all or a part of the taxes and assessments levied by it under sections 50-1801 through 50-1835[, Idaho Code,] before such sale by the county and may issue or cause to be issued a redemption certificate or quit claim deed upon a proper resolution by the mayor and council without the necessity of advertising such property for sale.

[50-1827, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 382, p. 1249.]

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