Idaho Statutes

50-1833.  Diversion works for city irrigation system. Any city desiring to operate or operating a city irrigation system under the provisions of sections 50-1801 through 50-1835 may contract for the delivery of irrigation water for all or any portion of the city irrigation system and pay therefor on an equalized basis, and may hold such interest as may be necessary and proper in diversion works, canals or ditches jointly with any corporation or irrigation district for the purpose of conveying water to the city irrigation system, either wholly within or partly within and partly without or wholly without the city limits in order to carry such water from its point of diversion to the boundaries of the city irrigation system; and for the purpose may acquire and hold stock in the name of the mayor of a city, in trust for the water users of such city irrigation system, in any private water corporation to the extent necessary to supply water for the city irrigation system, and such stock shall be deemed to be held in trust by the city for the use and benefit of water users of said city irrigation system. The mayor or the chairman of the council of any city in the absence of the mayor may vote at any annual meeting of such corporation on behalf of the city and may be elected on the board of trustees of any such water or irrigation company, the same as though he personally was a stockholder and as such entitled to be on such board of trustees.

[50-1833, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 388, p. 1249.]

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