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50-1925.  Additional remedies conferrable by authority. A housing authority shall have power, by its resolution, trust indenture, lease or contract, to confer upon any obligee holding or representing a specified amount in bonds or holding a lease the right, in addition to all rights that may otherwise be conferred, upon the happening of an event of default as defined in such resolution or instrument by suit, action or proceeding in any court of competent jurisdiction:
(a)  To cause possession of any housing project or any part thereof to be surrendered to any such obligee, which possession may be retained by such bondholder or trustee so long as said authority shall continue in default;
(b)  To obtain the appointment of a receiver of any housing project of said authority or any part thereof and of the rents and profits therefrom. If such receiver be appointed, he may enter and take possession of such housing project or any part thereof and, so long as said authority shall continue to be in default operate and maintain the same and collect and receive all fees, rents, revenues or other charges thereafter arising therefrom, and shall keep such moneys in a separate account or accounts and apply the same in accordance with the obligations of said authority as the court shall direct.
(c)  To require said authority and the commissioners thereof to account as if it and they were the trustees of an express trust.

[50-1925, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 415, p. 1249.]

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