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50-224.  Effect of annexation — Cemetery districts exempted. Upon compliance with the provisions of section 63-215, Idaho Code, all the property situated within the said annexed territory shall be subject to taxation as other property and persons within the corporate limits of such city, as though said annexed portion had been a part of the said city from the date of its incorporation.
When the annexed area or any part thereof is situated in any district, organized under the laws of this state, and said district is supported in whole or in part by taxes levied upon the annexed territory or any part thereof, and said district provides the same or similar services as that provided by the annexing city, the annexed area shall, upon the filing of the certified copy of said ordinance, be relieved of all liability for levies, taxes and assessments made by said district after the calendar year in which said annexation occurred. The purpose of this section is to prevent duplicate taxation of said annexed area for the same or similar services by such district and the annexing city.
The filing of the certified copy of said ordinance shall constitute a withdrawal of said annexed territory from the district, offering the same or similar services to the annexed territory as the annexing city, which withdrawal shall be effective as of December 31 of the calendar year of annexation, such withdrawal shall have the same effect as if the withdrawal had been made by the statutory procedure for withdrawing from such district.
However, this section shall not apply to public cemetery districts created prior to the date of the annexation ordinance, and that the annexing city may not levy taxes for cemetery maintenance within the bounds of an existing cemetery district. Cities which have heretofore levied taxes for cemetery maintenance on property within an existing cemetery district shall discontinue that practice from and after the date this act becomes effective.

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