Idaho Statutes

50-2201.  Petition for disincorporation. A city existing under the laws of this state may disincorporate after proceedings had as required by sections 50-2201 through 50-2213, Idaho Code. The council shall, upon receiving a petition therefor, signed by not less than one-half (1/2) of the qualified electors thereof as shown by the vote cast at the last general city election held therein, submit the question of whether such city shall disincorporate to the electors of such corporation. In case such council shall cease to exist or fail to function for a period of two (2) years or more, the petition for said disincorporation of such city signed by a majority of the residents living within said city, shall be filed with the board of county commissioners of the county in which said city is situated. Upon the filing of such petition, showing that the council has failed to function for at least two (2) years prior thereto or has ceased to exist, such board of county commissioners shall have full power and authority to take all proceedings therein as it is authorized by sections 50-2201 through 50-2213, Idaho Code, to disincorporate said city.

[50-2201, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 432, p. 1249; am. 2009, ch. 341, sec. 134, p. 1059.]

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