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50-2504.  Basis of assessments. Whenever any improvement authorized to be made by any governing body by the terms of this chapter is ordered, the governing body shall provide for the apportionment of the cost and expenses thereof as in their judgment may be fair and equitable in consideration of the benefits accruing to the abutting, adjoining, contiguous and adjacent lots and land and to the lots and lands otherwise benefited and included within the improvement district formed. Each lot and parcel of the land shall be separately assessed for the cost and expenses thereof in proportion to the number of square feet, number of front feet, or other equitable basis, of such lands and lots abutting, adjoining, contiguous and adjacent thereto or included in the improvement district, and in proportion to the benefits accruing to such property by said improvements. The entire cost of the improvement may be assessed against the benefited property as herein provided or if money for paying part of such cost is available from any other source, the money so available may be so applied and the remaining cost so assessed against the benefited property. The cost and expenses to be assessed as herein provided for shall include the cost of the improvement, the public utility cost and feasibility report, engineering and clerical service, advertising, inspection, collecting assessments, easements, interest upon bonds if issued, and for legal services for preparing proceedings and advising in regard thereto. Fee lands and property of public entities, such as the federal government, state of Idaho or any county, city or town, shall not be considered as lands or property benefited by any improvements district, unless such public entity within the boundaries of any improvement district consents in writing, filed before the governing body adopts the ordinance provided for in section 50-2510, Idaho Code. The lands and property of such public entity shall not be subject to assessment for the payment of any of the cost or expense of such improvement, unless said consent is filed.

[50-2504, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923; am. 1991, ch. 301, sec. 3, p. 791.]

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