Idaho Statutes

50-2505.  Resolution for cost and feasibility study. Any governing body may on its own initiative, or upon a petition signed by at least sixty per cent (60%) of the resident owners of property subject to assessment within such proposed improvement district requesting the creation of an improvement district as provided for in this chapter, pass a resolution by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of all members of the governing body at any regular or special meeting declaring that it finds that the improvement district is in the public interest. It must be determined that the formation of the local improvement district for a purpose set out in this chapter will promote the public convenience, necessity, and welfare. The resolution must state that costs and expenses will be levied and assessed upon the property benefited and further request that the appropriate public utility serving such area by overhead electric or communication facilities shall, within one hundred twenty (120) days after the receipt of the resolution, make a study of the cost of extension or conversion of its facilities. The resolution shall provide for payment of the public utility’s costs and expenses associated with preparing the costs and feasibility report in the event the improvement district is not created. The report of said study shall be provided to the governing body and made available in its office to all owners of land within the proposed improvement district. The resolution of the governing body shall require that the public utility be provided with the name and address of the owner of each parcel or lot within the proposed improvement district, if known, and if not known, the description of the property and such other matters as may be required by the public utility in order to perform the work involved in the cost study. The study shall further list each lot or parcel within the proposed improvement impact area. The appropriate public utility serving such improvement district area shall, within one hundred twenty (120) days after receipt of the resolution, make a study of the costs of extension or of conversion, and shall provide the governing body and make available at its office a joint report of the results of the study.

[50-2505, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923; am. 1991, ch. 301, sec. 4, p. 792.]

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