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50-2508.  Notice of resolution and hearing on protests — Contents. Following the passage of the resolution in section 50-2507, the governing body shall cause notice of the resolution and a hearing on any protests to the proposed improvement and any requests for inclusion in the district to be given in the manner provided in subsection (8). Such notice shall:
(1)  Declare that the governing body has passed a resolution of intention to create an improvement district;
(2)  Describe the boundaries or area of the district with sufficient particularity to permit each owner of real property therein to ascertain that his property lies in the district;
(3)  Describe in a general way the proposed improvement, specifying the streets or property along which it will be made and the nature of the benefits to the property within the district;
(4)  State the estimated cost to the property owners, governing body and public utility;
(5)  State that it is proposed to assess the real property in the district to pay all or a designated portion of the cost of the improvement according to the proportionate square footage, front footage, or other equitable basis, as specified;
(6)  State the time and place at which the governing body will hear and pass upon all protests that may be made against the making of such improvement, or the creation of such district or the benefit to be derived by the real property in the district, or requests to be included in such district;
(7)  State that all persons desiring to be included in such district and all property owners liable to be assessed for such work and desiring to make protests shall submit, in writing, such protests or requests for inclusion to the governing body by a specified date not less than fifteen (15) days from the first day of publication of such notice.
(8)  Notice shall be given as contemplated by this section in the manner specified in section 50-1714, Idaho Code.

[50-2508, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923.]

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