Idaho Statutes

50-2512.  Notice of hearing on objections to proposed assessments. After the preparation of the aforesaid ordinance, notice of a hearing on objections to the proposed assessments shall be given. Such notice shall be given in the same manner as provided under section 50-1713, Idaho Code.
Each notice shall state the time at which the governing body will hear and consider all objections to the assessment roll by the parties aggrieved by such assessments. Such notice shall further state that the owner or owners of any property which is assessed in such assessment roll may file with the clerk of the governing body his written objections to said assessments and to the amount levied on any particular lot or parcel in relation to the benefits accruing thereon and in relation to the proper proportionate share of the total cost of the improvement. Failure to file a written objection pursuant to section 50-2517, Idaho Code, shall constitute the grant of an easement for extension or conversion purposes to the district as provided in said section. The district after obtaining all easements required for the extension or conversion project shall, prior to commencement of construction, convey these easements to the utility. The time within which such objections shall be filed shall be specified in the notice but in no case shall it be less than fifteen (15) days from the date of the first publication of such notice.
The notice shall further state where a copy of the ordinance proposed to be adopted levying the assessments against all real property in the district will be on file for public inspection, and that subject to such changes and corrections therein as may be made by the governing body, it is proposed to adopt the ordinance at the conclusion of the hearing.
The published notice shall describe the boundaries or area of the district with sufficient particularity to permit each owner of real property therein to ascertain that his property lies in the district. The mailed notice may refer to the district by name and date of creation and shall state the amount of the assessment proposed to be levied against the real property of the person to whom the notice is mailed. In the absence of fraud, the failure to mail any notice does not invalidate any assessment or any proceeding under this chapter.

[50-2512, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923; am. 1991, ch. 301, sec. 6, p. 793.]

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