Idaho Statutes

50-2521.  Reassessment of benefits. In all cases of assessments for improvements under this chapter against any property, persons or corporations whatsoever, wherein said assessments have failed to be valid in whole or in part for want of form or sufficiency, informality, irregularity or nonconformance with the chapter provisions, or laws governing such assessments, the governing body shall be, and they are hereby, authorized to reassess such special taxes or assessments and to enforce their collection, in accordance with the provisions of law existing at the time the reassessment is made. But no mistake, in description of the property, or the name of the owner, shall be held to affect any assessment or any lien created thereby under the provisions of this chapter, or any law of this state, unless such mistake or error renders it impossible to identify the property so assessed.
When for any cause, mistake or inadvertence, the amount assessed shall not be sufficient to pay the cost and expenses of the improvement made and enjoyed by owners of property in any local improvement district where the same is made, it shall be lawful, and the governing body is hereby directed and authorized to make reassessments on all property in said local improvement district sufficient to pay for such improvements, such reassessment to be made and collected in accordance with the provisions of the law existing at the time of its levy.

[50-2521, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923.]

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