Idaho Statutes

52-407.  Right to possession of real property and personal property after finding of public nuisance — Conditions for reentry and repossession. The owner of any real or personal property to be closed or restrained, or which has been closed or restrained, may appear between the filing of the complaint and the hearing on the application for a permanent injunction, and upon payment of all cost incurred and upon the filing of a bond by the owner of the real property with sureties to be approved by the clerk in the full value of the property to be ascertained by the court, conditioned that such owner will immediately abate the nuisance and prevent the same from being established or kept, until the decision of the court is rendered on the application for a permanent injunction, then the court, if satisfied of the good faith of the owner of the real property and of the innocence on the part of any owner of the personal property of any knowledge of the use of such personal property as a nuisance and that, with reasonable care and diligence, such owner could not have known thereof shall, at the time of the hearing on the application for the temporary injunction, refrain from issuing any order closing such real property or restraining the removal or interference with such personal property, and, if such temporary injunction has already been issued, shall discharge said order and shall deliver such real or personal property, or both, to the respective owners thereof. The release of any real or personal property, under this section, shall not release it from any judgment, lien, penalty, or liability to which it may be subjected.

[52-407, added 1976, ch. 82, sec. 4, p. 277.]

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